In order to create an atmosphere conducive to learning and excellence, please consider the following policies for all classes.


Children's & Student Division Payment Policy

Full payment is due at time of registration. Bank Debit payment plans available (call our office for more information). A two installment plan option may be utilized with a $20 finance charge included. First installment is due at registration. Second installment dates; Fall is due October 24th and Spring is due Feb 20th. A late fee of $10 will be charged each month after payment due date.


Students may withdraw from classes in the event of a physical injury. If a student becomes physically unable to continue with classes, a doctors note is required in order to receive a prorated refund. Students who withdraw for any reason other than physical injury are not entitled to tuition refund.

Spring Recital Fees

A $45.00 fee for the children's division & $55 fee for student division is applied to each student per class which covers costs for costumes and production costs. Payment will be taken at registration for spring semester.

Active Division Class Card Policy

RDC class cards must be presented to teacher before class. Cards expire one year after purchase date. The card can only be used by original purchaser-- ownership is not transferable. Sale of the card is final and purchase is non-refundable.        




Regular attendance and participation is fundamental to ensure each and every student’s acquisition of required skills and physical strength/endurance. Irregular attendance will have a direct impact on class advancement.

Make-Up Policy 

Students must inform the RDC office all absences. Up to three excused classes may be made up each semester. You may make up a class in the same level or a lower level. Missed classes will not be refunded. Obtain your make-up card from the office, and hand the make-up card to the make-up teacher at the start of class.


Please arrive  10 minutes before the class begins. If a student arrive to class later than 15 minutes, they will be asked to observe only.


Please allow the teacher to handle any in-class behavior or discipline issues. When a parent knocks on the glass, opens the studio door to scold, or gives direction, it undermines the authority of the teacher. If the teacher should require a parent’s assistance with behavior, he/she will ask.

Disciplinary Policy

Disruptive students will be removed from class at the discretion of the Teacher, School Director, or Executive Director. Behavior issues may require a meeting with the School Director or Executive Director before a student can be readmitted to class.


Rockford Dance Company strives to provide a safe and positive atmosphere for all our participants. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Please report any instances of bullying to the RDC office. Students or parents of students caught bullying risk dismissal from the organization.


Proper attire is required for Creative Movement, Jazz, Modern, Tap and Active Division classes.  Please check the current class schedule for specific requirements.

Ballet Uniforms

The Rockford Dance Company requires uniforms for all students in the Children's and Student Division ballet classes. If a student is not in uniform the teacher will give a verbal reminder. Three verbal reminders will necessitate a meeting with the School Director or Executive Director.

All uniform skirts must be purchased through the Rockford Dance Company. Shoes, tights and leotards are also available through our boutique.

For young ladies, the class uniform consists of a level-specific wrap skirt, pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers and pink satin pointe shoes (if applicable) with hair in a bun. Jewelry should be limited to small stud earrings. Boys wear a white t-shirt, black tights or black shorts, and ballet slippers.

Please keep your uniform clean-- hygiene is important.

Creative Movement N/A
Ballet/Tap 1 & 2 N/A
Pre-Ballet 1 & 2 N/A
Ballet 1 White
Ballet 2 Lilac
Ballet 3 Light Blue
Ballet 4 Theatrical Pink
Ballet 5 Royal
Ballet 6 Purple
Ballet 7 Olive
Ballet 8 Burgundy



Email is RDC’s main channel of communication. Please stay connected and keep your email contact information up to date with the RDC office.


  • Do not park or stop on the crosswalk to load or unload
  • RDC is responsible for students only during their scheduled class time. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to pick up children at the end of their scheduled class time, event, or performance.
  • We want our students to be safe at all times. After class, students must wait inside the building so they do not have to go into the parking lot unattended.
  • We strongly encourage parents of students under the age of 8 to drop off and pick up their children at the door of the studio where their class is held.
  • Take the time to introduce yourself and your child to the visitor service personnel in case they need assistance. However, the visitor service personnel is not in charge of monitoring behavior or watching students waiting for rides.
  • There is a telephone available at the visitor service station in the front lobby for students to use in case of emergency. The phone number to call the visitor service station is 815-972-2808.


We will determine whether evening classes will be cancelled due to inclement weather by 2pm. Please check our Facebook and website for updates, and check your email for cancellations. RDC reserves the right to cancel class due to weather for the safety of the dancers and families.