Financial Aid & Scholarships

Rockford Dance Company offers assistance to students in the form of Financial Aid and The Joan Stonecipher Scholarship.


Financial Assistance

RDC Financial Assistance Application Form

RDC Financial Assistance Guidelines

Financial Aid for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 was awarded August 22, 2016.  

Joan Stonecipher Scholarship

Joan Stonecipher Scholarship Application

The Joan Stonecipher Scholarship 2016-2017 Season recipients are: Martina Berger and Eloise Lakey.  

RDC is so proud of these two brilliant dancers that have the passion, dedication and love for dance.  

Scholarships are offered with the understanding that student participation in the school (classes and events) will be their first priority.

Scholarship students will be re-evaluated at the end of the first semester to determine their continuing eligibility. Inconsistent attendance or lack of class participation will affect eligibility.

Scholarship students (or their parents) will be required to help with school performances & other school functions.